Friday, November 18, 2011

Ultrasound series?

Back when I had my first trip to Omaha, we ended up not being able to do the ultrasound series that Dr. H typically does because my cycle fell at the wrong time.  I asked during this cycle review if he thinks it would be a good idea to do that now since we were not able to do it previously.  A fellow did my cycle review because Dr. H was out, and he said yes, it would be a good idea.  I just don't know whether I should or not.  I would have to go to Omaha again and stay for like a week.  I bet my husband would not be able to go with me this time because he has taken so much time off already with my surgeries in May.  I would not want to be away from him during fertile times.  I don't feel like I have an ovulation problem.  And, if there is some kind of ovulation defect, isn't that being taken care of by the clomid, hcg, and progesterone?  

Has anyone else ever been in this situation, where you've already had your surgery and are months into the medication treatment, and you go back for the ultrasound series?  If so, was it helpful?


  1. I had my ultrasound series right before my first lap at PPVI. That is when the ultrasound technician suspected LUFS so that is what Dr. Keefe put in my records. I did a repeat ultrasound series last cycle locally and it appears that I did in fact ovulate. However, Dr. Keefe requested that I send the CD of all the images directly to her. I will wait to see what she has to say. The ultrasound series done locally was NOT performed by a Napro trained technician but I still found it useful. Just a thought if you don't want the expense and inconvenience of traveling again. If you are experiencing LUFS then you aren't releasing an egg and therefore unable to conceive. Definitely a good thing to rule out! Best wishes!

  2. I had my U/S series at PPVI before my surgery. I wonder if they could do it locally ... where you'd just have to go in every day and have them check ... then send the CD's to PPVI for dr. review. You wouldn't have the answers at the time (unless you have a friendly/talkative U/S tech), but it would give the Dr more info. I would look into local before going back to Omaha, especially with cost/hubby/etc. At Omaha, for the U/S series, I was only in the office for 20 minutes every day ... that's it.
    Like Patiently Waiting, I'm doing monthly or bi-monthly U/S to watch a cyst and rule out another month of LUFS (I've had only 2 so far).

  3. IMHPFP ... I can't find an email for you anywhere, but I just wanted to let you know that I awarded you the Liebster Blog Award! I LOVE reading and following your blog and I'm honored to pray for you! Check out my blog to find out what to do to award others this same honor. Congrats!

  4. I did my US series before my surgery. I did not see Dr. H. I saw napro Dr that was closer but he was still 4 hours away so I had my US series locally by non napro us tech. It was not ideal bc she did not know how to look for everything needed but I found out a key piece of info. I have lufs. All of my bloodwork comes back normal, I get normal 28 day cycle etc. THe clomid made it worse for me. I would say that the US series is very important. If you cannot go see Dr H then ask to do it locally.