Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Is there such a thing as the terrible 9 months?

I'm alive!  I know it has been a ridiculously long time since I blogged, but this is why:

He's a cute one, but a handful!  He's 9/5 months old and now has 6 teeth, which he is fond of using to bite me and everything else in his path.  And he just started crawling forward last week, and has taken immediately to finding all things he should not get into.  One thing I had not thought of was the rubber caps on the end of the doorstops. He was popping those off and sticking them in his mouth.  So, my husband super glued them all on.  This little smartie pants then started unscrewing the entire doorstop from the wall and sticking the whole thing in his mouth.  So, now all the doorstops have been removed and placed in a ziploc for future use.  He also makes a bee-line for whatever is in the cabinets when I open them, so I have to be ninja fast at getting what I need out of there.  And, he got into the purell that was hanging off my diaper bag, so now the diaper bag can no longer hang on the back of a chair.  He's keeping me busy!

Now, for the title of this post:  this dude is developing a bad attitude, and I don't like it.  I'm afraid it's just the beginning!  And, I can only assume he inherited this from his dad, lol.  :)  He throws a fit when he doesn't get what he wants or doesn't want to do what you need him to do (like lay still while I change your diaper!)  I know part of this is just being a baby and maybe he's teething or tired at any given point, but this is also making me realize that I'm going to have to WORK to get this child raised right, lol.  And not just raised to be respectful and kind and obedient, but into heaven.  I had hoped that he would just naturally be saintly and perfect, ha ha.  But, what I'm seeing is just evidence that we do indeed have original sin.  

And that has me feeling stressed out at the responsibility!  I'm a researcher and reader.  I read all about babies and breastfeeding before he was born and was super-prepared.  I even planned my own c-section and met with everyone who would be involved and had a detailed birth plan.  I like to be prepared!  So, I need me some books on the faith aspects of parenting.  How do I hand down the faith in a way that his focus in life is on God?  I was not raised with that.  Yes, we went to church, but faith was not the center of our life.  I want to make his journey to heaven easier on him by giving him a better foundation, so that he will naturally seek God and put God as his goal, rather than career, possessions, worldly things.  

How do I start?  What books can I read (other than the Bible and Catechism).  I need some concrete advice, and also age appropriate books for him as he grows up.  Have any of you found books that you like?