Thursday, May 31, 2012

Another great follow up appointment

I had another OB appointment today, and everything is still looking great!  The baby's heart rate is now at 156.  I apparently have gained 11 pounds since the beginning.  I can believe it because I am looking a little pudgy when I see my midsection in the mirror.  And, we sweet talked the doctor into another quick ultrasound peek.  My husband took the video, and I wish he would have zoomed in more.  The baby has definitely grown a lot, and we could see him/her kicking and what appeared to be hiccuping.  So cool!  Here's the video in two parts:

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I picked up knitting about 5 and a half years ago and slowly have gotten a little better with each project, although, I often go many months, and sometimes a year between a project.  I realized last weekend that whoa!  I have a baby due in November, and he/she will need lots of cute knitted things.  So, I am trying to finish up this Teddy bear I started a year and a half ago, and a pair of baby shorts I knit 3 years ago but never finished off so that I can start on some new projects.  

But, I HATE finishing knitting projects.  The sewing is such a pain in the butt, and I always end up with some kind of problem caused by the sewing.  This stupid teddy bear I'm working on has way too much to sew.  Two separate pieces of body, two leg pieces, two arm pieces, paw pads, 4 ear pieces to be sewn to make 2 ears, and a head.  I'd upload a picture of all these pieces, but I am exhausted from knitting the four ear pieces and sewing the head seam together today.  I feel defeated looking at the rest of it.  

Gosh!  I wish there was a place I could send all the sewing to after I did all the knitting.  It is so tedious!  Any body out there love sewing and want to finish my projects for me, pretty please?

Friday, May 25, 2012


28.2.  That's my progesterone reading from yesterday's blood draw.  Dang.  I wanted it to be higher than that.  At least the increased injection dosage is working, though, because that's a 12 point increase from 2 weeks ago.  And, I guess Dr. H is not concerned because he said to continue on the same dosage.  So, I will not freak out, and I will just focus on having a fun long weekend.  Happy Memorial Day everyone!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

One Blessed Baby!

Today, we received the Blessing of a Child in the Womb!  We were the first that our priest has given the new blessing to, and it was so beautiful.  I just love how the blessing asks for comfort and relief of anxiety, and health of the baby:

God, author of all life,
bless, we pray, this unborn child;
give constant protection
and grant a healthy birth
that is the sign of our rebirth one day
into the eternal rejoicing of heaven.

Lord, who have brought to this woman
the wondrous joy of motherhood,
grant her comfort in all anxiety
and make her determined
to lead her child along the ways of salvation.

Aaaah, so comforting!  

Tomorrow marks 14 weeks!  It's strange to believe that this is really happening.  Although, the nightly nausea and the ever so slight baby bump are making it real.  So much for morning sickness being over by the end of the first trimester.  Whew!  Sunday night right before bed, I had the worst puking episode since I was a kid.  It was like a scene from the exorcist.  

Tomorrow will also be two weeks since my last progesterone reading, so I'm anxious to see if it is better now that we've doubled my dosage.  I see my OB again on the 31st and can't wait to hear that little heartbeat again!  I wish I could hear it everyday!  

Monday, May 14, 2012


Thank you all for all of your prayers and comments!  I called my OB this morning and got in for a check just to put my mind at ease.  The baby's heart rate was still strong at 160.  Turns out, though, that I have an infection.  The only thing I can think that would cause that is all the sugar I've been eating.  Before I got pregnant, I was eating an anti-inflammatory diet, which meant I had no sugar whatsoever.  Well, I've been a bad girl since getting pregnant.  I have been sucking Jolly Ranchers to get rid of nausea, eating chocolate zingers (a childhood favorite), and loads of honey mixed in with peanut butter every morning.  I guess I'm going to have to wean myself off of all those goodies.  

I'm so glad that everything is ok with the baby.  Those were a scary few days!  It's so hard to be calm when I know that I've had 2 miscarriages before.  I pray that this pregnancy continues to go well and that we get to meet this little one.     

Saturday, May 12, 2012


Ok, ladies, I'm hoping one of you who have either had a baby or are pregnant have had experience with this and can put my mind at ease.  I hate this happened on a Saturday.  I noticed a blob (a little over a teaspoon) of brown milky mucus this morning.  I talked to the OB on call, and all he did was check off whether we had heard the heartbeat, when was the last time we had relations (um, since before I found out I was pregnant because I've been too scared and/or nauseous to have any such relations), and is there any burning or itching (no).  So, after ruling all that out, all he could say was that mucus production is increased during pregnancy.  Ok, thank you very much, but I thought, if it's normal, why I am not finding it in any of these pregnancy books.  Have any of you ever experienced this?  It is freaking me out, especially given that I was just told yesterday that my progesterone took a "nose dive."  

Friday, May 11, 2012

12 weeks and worried

So, today marks 12 weeks.  That's totally exciting, but I just got a call from PPVI that my progesterone draw from yesterday shows that my progesterone has taken "a nose dive."  Exact quote there, so I'm freaking out.  It was 16.  I am on the verge of tears.  Please pray that everything is ok.  

Thursday, May 10, 2012


It's here!  The USCCB has published the new Rite for the Blessing of a Child in the Womb!  What a blessing that such a Rite now exists!  I cannot wait to receive it!  And the language is so beautiful.  Check it out here:

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Picture and a video from yesterday

Our little bean.  So cute!

And, here's a video of part of the ultrasound.  My husband missed the part where the baby was waiving the whole right arm up and down.  You can see a little hand down on his/her right side.