Monday, November 14, 2011

"In Time" and Yet Another "Cross" of IF: The Wardrobe

My husband and I went to see "In Time" last night.  It was an interesting movie.  The concept is that in the future, people are genetically engineered to only age up to 25, and then a clock built into their bodies starts clicking down, and when it hits zero, you die.  The clock starts with one year, and you have to work to earn more time.  You buy things with your time.  For example, a cup of coffee is 4 minutes, a bus ride is 2 hours.  The "poor" people live in the ghetto time zone and are rushing around every day trying to earn more time so they don't expire.  Then, there are "rich" people who have centuries on their clocks.  

Anyway, as usual, I somehow found a way to tie this to my IF.  I left the movie thinking about how at the end of the cycle, I feel like one of the "poor" people who is trying to add time to their clock.  I beg and plead and pray that AF does not arrive.  As CD1 approaches, I see the "time" clicking off of my clock until  there is no denying that AF has arrived.  I can also see it relating to our "biological clocks" in that as every cycle goes by, that clock keeps ticking down, and I lose another chance that I will never get back.  That's another egg wasted.  And, as every year goes by, that's another year closer to menopause.  Agh! I hate time!

Another "cross" of infertility is my wardrobe.  Like the rest of my life, my wardrobe is on hold because of IF.  I have clothes that are honesty a little too big for me, but I don't throw them out because maybe one day, I'll be pregnant, and I can wear them then.  I want to buy new clothes, but I always have this thought, "What if you get pregnant, and then you won't be able to wear that?"  Or, "If you buy these skinny clothes, don't you lack faith that you'll find out in 2 weeks that you're pregnant?"  It's a never ending mental battle.  A constant state of limbo.  

I ended up going ahead this weekend and picking up some new jeans and sweaters, finally just throwing caution to the wind.  I guess if I do end up pregnant, I can pack them away and then pull them out after the baby and after all the baby weight is worked off.  That way, at least in the mean time, I can enjoy the one benefit of being IF:  looking super cute and flaunting this skinny arse while I have it.      


  1. Interesting, I have been wanting to see that movie, maybe I will rent it when it comes out.

    I think it's great that you ended up buying the clothes. IF takes so much, this is a great way to take something back. And I bet you look fab!! :)

  2. I had that 'to buy or not to buy' arguement in the store this weekend too! I bought - with much the same determination of 'I'll enjoy the fact that I can wear these clothes now!'

  3. I want to see that movie too! I'm a huge JT fan.

    I used to save my clothes too, but it made me too sad. When I lost weight going gf I just started giving the too big stuff away. I didn't have space for it and it was such a sad reminder. Flaunt yourself while you can!

  4. Yes! Flaunt yourself! And if you buying cute new clothes brings on a pregnancy ... GO FOR IT!!! :-)

  5. I used to do that too, but after watching Hoarders, I got a healthy fear instilled to purge my closet. If I haven't worn it in a year, out it goes :)

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  7. Yes, I must admit I have a little bit of a shopping problem especially when CD1 is about to hit. I have found that buying accessories such as shoes and jewelry allow me to still embrace the dream of a pregnancy! I made a new rule however to not go shopping after a day filled with tears. :)