Sunday, November 20, 2011

I won a Liebster award!

Many thanks to Amanda at All in His Perfect Timing, who has bestowed upon me a Liebster award!  Thank you, Amanda!

The Liebster Award spotlights up and coming bloggers with fewer than 200 followers.  In return for the award, the recipient bestows the award on five of their favorite bloggers.  

Here are my winners (sorry about the weird formatting issues.  I copied text from Amanda's blog and can't figure out why there are highlights randomly):

Upon receipt of the Liebster Blog Award, there are a few very simple rules: 

1. Copy and paste the award on your blog
2. Thank the giver and link back to the blogger who gave it to you
3. Reveal your top 5 picks and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.
4. Hope that your followers will spread the love to other bloggers.

1 comment:

  1. Thank you!!! What a sweet gift! I love your blog as well. I will post about this next week. I hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving! In Christ - Marie :)