Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Verdict is in

Turns out I have the chronic kind of colitis, ulcerative colitis.  So, the GI doctor is putting me on prednisone and apriso for 6 weeks.  I am also e-mailing a copy of all the test results to Dr. H so that he can put me on LDN in the future.  And, apparently, according to the warnings that came along with the prednisone, it can cause osteoperosis, so out of an abundance of caution, I am going to pick up some type of calcium supplement to prevent that.  Boy, I sure did think I had a lot of freaking pills to take before all this happened.  Now, a whole lot more.  My giant day of the week pill box needs to be even bigger now!  Sigh.

I checked out the diet info on the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation web page, and they say there is no particular diet and that you should eat a well balanced diet.  So, I am going to stick to my anti-inflammatory plan and keep a food journal to see if anything causes issues.

This is all so much to take in that I just feel like sitting down and having a big ol cry.  

I tried that piyo class this morning (stress reduction is supposed to be important with this condition, and hey, I need it on the IF front too).  That class was the furthest thing from relaxing.  My experience with both pilates and yoga has been that they are calm, soothing, slow paced, deep breathing classes.  Well, this one wasn't.  First of all, the instructor came in all upset and griping for 10 minutes about how the dog grooming lady was late and she had to leave her dogs with a stranger.  Sorry for her, but she shouldn't be bringing that all up in the class.  Then, the class itself was so not pilates or yoga.  I mean, it had the poses in there, but to upbeat, fastpaced, club type music, and the poses were at warp speed.  It was almost like trying to make it a cardio class.  I was so disappointed.  The only other yoga class they offer is a 5:15 in the morning, and that is too ridiculously early for me.  So, it looks like I'll just stick with Zumba. 

That's all for now.  I just need to wrap my head around this diagnosis.  I think I will go ahead and have that cry just to get it out of my system. 


  1. That piyo class DOES sound like a disappointment! They really should call it something else--very misleading!

    Sorry about the diagnosis. :( I was praying for the infection-related one. Hopefully the docs will be able to help you really manage it so it doesn't cause problems.

    I think you should have a good cry if you need it. I'm a big advocate for allowing yourself to feel your feelings--you gotta get those hurt feelings out. I'm not supporting pessimism or anything, but sometimes a person just feels bad and that's okay! A good cry can be cathartic. Wish I could come hug ya. :(

  2. Yoga on speed...sorry that was disappointing! I'm even more sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I say cry it out...it stinks! The food journal sounds like a good idea too. Hoping you feel better soon! ((Hugs))

  3. Bummer, girl, on so many accounts!! I was hoping it would be the infection related kind as well. I think Jelly Belly does have the auto-immune kind though...and she seems to have it under control pretty well, so there is hope. I know things seem pretty hopeless right now. Hang in there. We're all praying.

  4. That class sounds almost like my worst nightmare! ugh - talk about false advertising.

    And oh no! on the diagnosis. The food journal sounds like a good place to start. Saying extra prayers for you right now. (((Hugs)))

  5. Gah! Not the diagnosis I wanted to hear! I know that after all of the big angry and sad emotions, you'll be figuring this out and managing it like a pro. ::hugs:: and prayers

  6. I'm so sorry about your diagnosis! I would be bawling ... I think you need that initial let out of grief and disappointment ... then you can get in attack mode. Your anti-inflammatory diet sounds like a really good plan, and with Dr. H's input, you're in the best hands. I'll be praying for you!
    That really sucks about the class! Anything you could do via YouTu.be or online videos?