Thursday, January 26, 2012

Diagnosis What?

I made it through the procedure this morning.  First, the funnies.  They had me put on a pair of paper shorts with a flap in the back that were called "moon pants."  Oh my gosh, laughed my arse off right there.  Then, my husband had his i.pad in there with a fart app and kept making noises with that.  We were laughing so loud I was afraid we were going to get kicked out of there.  

Now, the not so funnies.  For one thing, every IV I have ever had, the person giving it to me put some kind of numbing medication on before they jabbed a needle in my arm.  Not at this place.  They looked at me like I had two heads when I asked if they were going to use the numbing medicine first.  They didn't even have that kid of medicine.  I started bawling and freaking out.  I made it, through, thanks to Mary, you know I was praying so hard to her.  But, I tell you what, I will not have a baby in that hospital if they don't numb arms before putting IVs in.  What are we in, the Middle Ages?!

Also, not so funny, apparently I have  What?  How did I get that?  The GI doctor says there is no known cause.  He says it's not a celiacs thing or a food allergy and diet doesn't make a difference.  He says it is an autoimmune disorder.  How in the heck do you just develop something like that out of the blue?  And, I have go.og.led, and this condition can be caused by an infection, which my primary care doctor thought I had because of the white blood cells in the sample, which is why he prescribed the antibiotic.  I'm going crazy here.  I don't want another problem to deal with for the rest of my life.  He wants to put me on prednisone and two other things I can't remember right now. One is supposed to be long term and the other two are for like 6 weeks.  Oh, and I am having a CT scan on Monday.  So, yeah, yum, yum, got to drink some contrast.  I hate that stuff.  

Again, what?  I feel so blindsided.  Has anyone reading this ever been diagnosed with this condition? I hope it has no effect on fertility.  Good Lord. I don't need another problem.  If this is an autoimmune disease, does that mean my whole body has an autoimmune issue?  Could that be another reason why I'm not having babies?  Does my uterus attack tiny embryos?  Somebody help me here!  I'm going to go.ogle myself to death. 


  1. I am just catching up - I didn't read the post below about having the colonoscopy until today. I am glad it is over with! I don't know anything about that diagnosis, but hopefully someone around these blogs knows something. How frustrating to find something else you have to deal with, ugh....I will pray that this turns out to be a step closer to finding out what is causing the IF. In regards to IVs - I have never actually had a numbing agent put on my arm - I didn't know they had those! (And I have had a TON of IVs in my life!) I think I might ask for it next time to see if they have that. Thanks for the info! I hope you enjoy eating regular food today! :)

  2. Numbing stuff for IVs??? I just had my first one ever (please don't hate me) for my surgery last week...but if I'd known about numbing stuff I'd have been asking for it! (More so that I didn't "wince" when they put it in, putting The Man at risk of a panic attack - poor guy!).

    And, I'm not familiar with colitis, but I will say some prayers (including ones for strength to not google your self to death - dr. google is baaaaaaad). I'm sure someone will have something useful to add :).

  3. Glad you survived the prep and procedure! I have no clue on colitis. But- they found something and it's treatable, so that's good, right?? And if it's auto-immune, it probably has been affecting your fertility, don't you think? Yay for answers, even though they weren't what you were expecting. Continued prayers for treatment and health!! I feel like you are getting closer.

  4. Okay, I have several comments:
    1. I was dying laughing from your first paragraph...that's TOTALLY something my hubby would do and I would've been giggling the whole time!! We are 12, I swear!

    2. WHAT?? No numbing medicine??? It hurts enough WITH the numbing medicine!! Ack! Middle Ages indeed!

    3. Colitis--oh no! I'm praying for a reprieve for you from all this mess! Hopefully they can get it under control so you start feeling good again. PPIW is right, maybe if they can manage it, it will improve your fertility! I'm praying for you tons!

  5. I'e never used or received numbing medicine when placing or receiving an IV. I feel so archaic now.

    About the colitis, I'm so sorry. It's not a fun disease especially when you add it to everything else going on. Prayers for you.

  6. Back away from the is EVIL! I am sorry you are going through all of this, but I am hopeful that it may be another piece to the puzzle for you.

    I hate IV's as well. I pass out about 70% of the time, with or without numbing medicine.....

  7. A colitis diagnosis isn't the end of the world!!! I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in 2002 and I've been in remission since 2006. I've made MANY changes to my life and diet and I haven't been healthier.

    If you want any advice you can send me an email at jellybelly_75 at yahoo dot com.

    And yes, stay away from Google!!!!!

    p.s. The only time I got the awesome numbing stuff was in Omaha. I've had more IV's than I can count and I didn't know that it was any different anywhere else.

  8. Btw, my local Napro doctor put me on Low Dose Naltrexone very early in my treatment. Apparently it helps with autoimmune disorders like colitis.

  9. My boss and his son have ulcerative colitis. What I've seen / heard from them is that you have more loose bowel movements and are restricted in diet. At least for them, that's what is helping them not feel bad all the time. Other than that, I don't know much else. Don't Dr. Google, use Dr. JellyBelly! :-)
    I think there are severe and less severe cases and I'm praying yours is the latter. I'm so sorry that you didn't get the numbing stuff. When I've had that, I swear that it didn't work and I'm so impressed you've had that so many times before!

  10. Any more luck with info?? I wanted to email you regarding the comment you left on my blog, but can't find your email address anywhere. Can you send me a note, so I can write you?? perfectpowerinweakness@gmail