Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cycle Review

So, this past cycle was my first with hcg injections and clomid.  I guess they are working because my peak +6 (7 fell on a Saturday, so I went in on 6) progesterone was 58 and estradiol was 20.4.  Dang!  All those hormones and no pregnancy.  No wonder I went to peak +18 before I got AF.  I don't know what they are going to do this cycle yet because I just got an email with my numbers late Friday and no instructions.  Dr. H was out and one of his fellows had looked at my file.  Today is CD5, so I will go ahead and start the clomid and hopefully get my instructions for this cycle on Monday.  They want my husband to do another semenalysis since it has been over a year since the last one.  Ugh.  I hate that whole gross, embarrassing process.  Even though it's a perforated condom, it's a condom, and that is so weird to have "relations" with your husband using a condom.  Then, the mortifying trip of taking the sample to the lab, delivering that brown paper sack.   I don't even really know why this is necessary anyway.  His last scores were horrible.  What does it matter if they are better?  Is that going to change any treatment recommendations?  If they are still bad, is that going to change anything?  Not likely.  He's taking the proxeed and mucuna pruriens.  If there was something else he could take, I'm sure Dr. H would have recommended it.

In other news, received another pregnancy announcement from a friend today.  Those never get easy.  We had just gotten out of mass and my husband was getting his donuts on at the coffee social.  I check my phone, and blam, there's a text message.  I immediately get all teared up and have to get the keys so I can go to the car and not have the whole church staring at me crying.  Sigh.

To distract myself, I'm eating milk chocolate (a no-no on my anti-inflammatory diet) and watching a documentary about a french pastry competition right now.  I would love to be a french baker.  It would be so fun and yummy and beautiful.  They do some amazing work.  


  1. The Man and I figure we are not too far from our first SA and we have talked about skipping it all together - purely for the reasons you mentioned. We've kinda thought about just asking about having him go on proxeed and leaving it at that. Have you considered a post-coital test? It would at least remove the condom part, that is our other consideration at the moment.

    Praying for you - the pregnancy announcements are so difficult. Especially those that come out of the blue from fertile-mertiles - the ones from fellow IFers don't hurt so bad.

  2. 58 for your progesterone! Dang that's high, girl. Send some my way. Hoping for more good cycle reviews in your future! (Perfect Power in Weakness)

  3. Yes, we did a post-coital a few years ago with our OB, and he said they were swimming laps. Later, we did a SA with the fertility center, and they said motility, morphology, and DNA fragmentation were bad. I really don't know what the benefit of another SA would be, unless it were to show no swimmers whatsoever, and they could just tell us to give up.

  4. We did a SA too, and I remember just hating the whole thing!! It's just weird and embarrassing.