Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sinking in

So, a few days have passed since the food sensitivity testing results came in, and I am slowly figuring my way around it all.  I ended up finding a food allergy menu planning service online ( and I am going to give it a try for a while.  It allows you to select certain pre-set allergy free menus (such as gluten, soy, and dairy fee; or gluten free only, etc.) and/or input your various food intolerances and select recipes that meet those needs.  At first, I inputted both me and my husband's severe and moderate intolerances, and well, that hardly left any recipes for us.  So, I decided to just worry about the severe ones and inputted those.  The menu plan for this week looks pretty good.  We did have to take a 30 minute drive over to the health food store and buy a bunch of things I've never heard of like arrowroot powder, almond meal, coconut flour, and coconut butter, so this should be interesting.  

I had myself a little breakdown after mass this morning while we were trying to decide where to go to get something to eat.  With bread being out of the picture, I can't easily make decisions about what I can have and what I want.  We went into a gh.engis grill, and it smelled gross, so we left, and then my husband suggested another place, but I hate going there because it's so dark inside, and then I ended up crying because I was starving and felt like there was nothing I could eat.  Luckily, there was a q.doba nearby, and I knew I could get a tortilla-less burrito in a bowl, so we went there.  Funny thing is, though, yesterday I had a tortilla-less burrito bowl at ch.ipotle.  Yesterday it was beef, today chicken.  I feel like I am just going to end up in an endless rotation of meats, whereas before I often went for vegetarian options, but those are no fun without bread and cheese because then you're just left with a big pile of veggies. Blah!

Oh, and big news!  I think I felt the first baby kick yesterday afternoon, but I'm not certain.  I was taking a nap, and was in that in-between state where you're half asleep, and I felt something "roll" just above my pubic bone and it woke me up, and I thought, "was that they baby?!", so I laid there waiting for it to happen again, and it didn't.  Now, I'm wondering if I dreamt that, or if it really happened.  I don't know if this ever happens to any of you, but all my life I've often had times where I'm on the verge of sleep and I dream that I'm walking along and I trip in a hole, and I wake myself up with my leg jerking.  I wonder if this baby kick was something like that or real.  I can't wait to feel those movements all the time! 


  1. You will LOVE it when you really start feeling movements. Same thing happened when I first felt the baby... I was like, "Baby??" I just didn't know what it was... so I'm assuming it was the baby! Now I feel him and can see him kick! I love it and it's so fun for DH being able to feel him move and see my stomach go up and down with the kicks. Such a blessing!!!

  2. I bet you felt baby, yay! I absolutely cannot wait for that!!!

  3. Thanks for sharing the great menu planner! I know how overwhelming it is to feel like there is NOTHING to eat. So depressing!
    How AWESOME to feel your baby kick! That must be the most amazing thing!