Thursday, June 21, 2012

Cutest socks ever and updates

I finished up knitting these super cute baby socks from D.ebbie B.liss E.ssential B.aby:

I'm really excited with how well they turned out.  This was my first venture into cable knit.  Now, I'll be moving on to the hooded jacket.  I bet that will take me a loooong time.  6 balls of yarn, using size 6 and 3 needles.  I'll probably end up with arthritis by the end of it.  lol

Tomorrow will mark 18 weeks!  I have an ultrasound next Thursday and my next doctor appointment next Friday.  I'm anxious for both appointments because I haven't gained any weight in several weeks, and I'm wondering if it might have something to do with the U.lcerative c.olitis, which I think has been starting to act up.  Maybe due to the not so stellar diet I've been following because I still hate vegetables since I'm pregnant, and work has been stressful.  So stressful that yesterday I decided to just go AWOL.  I knitted, got a pedicure, bought some new lip gloss, and ironed church linens.  Aaah, delightful.  

I called the nurse at the OB's office yesterday about the lack of weight gain, but she did not think it was urgent enough to come right in.  And, I'm waiting on the food sensitivity testing to come back and see what the naturopath says about that.  I do not want to call the gastro's office because they will just throw fistfuls of medications at me.  Seriously, when I was diagnosed back in January, they put me on pre.dnisone and some other medication that was 5 freaking pills per dose.  Had to stop that med because it made my eyes leak tears.  I don't want that kinds of stuff coming anywhere near my baby.  I would much rather go the natural route.   

So, that's about all the news over here.  Heading for my progesterone blood draw in a bit.  Plus, another thyroid panel to see if there's been any change since the last time.  I wonder how many needles have been stuck in this poor body.  Too many to count!


  1. 18 weeks tomorrow! Wow, time flies! I hope all of your appointments go well next week. I will be praying and thinking of you! Keep us updated.

  2. I am jealous of your mad knitting skillz! Ditto on the hating veggies, I puked up green beans the other week and haven't touched them since.

  3. Love the socks and updates! Grow, baby, grow! :-)