Friday, June 29, 2012


I'm happy with one and not happy with the other.  Let me start with who I'm happy with:  my OB.  That guy is funny and on my side, oh and basically told me the baby is perfect and all is good.  Yeah!  He confirmed that everything on the ultrasound was good and my belly is measuring exactly where it should.  So, yahoo for that!  

Now, for who I am not happy with:  the gastro.  I put off calling their office, but I have been having some UC symptoms for about 3 weeks and decided that diet is not helping so I better try some meds.  I called yesterday, and the idiot receptionist, after I explained I was pregnant and am having issues, told me the next available appointment is in late September.  So, I reiterated, "ma'am, I'm pregnant, the UC is acting up, and this could be a danger to my baby and September is too long to wait and see."  So, then she tells me that the nurse practitioner has an opening at the end of August.  Oh my gosh!  Is she not getting this?!  So, I finally asked if I could just leave a message with the nurse.  The nurse called me back and asked about my symptoms and was going to talk to the doctor and call me back. As of this morning, there was no call back yet.  

I'm thinking to myself:  the gastro has one freaking body part that he treats, and they have no way to get an emergent patient in?  Come on!  I can call the OB and get in that day if I have a problem.  I can call my general practitioner and get an appointment sometime that same week.  Why is a gastro so unreachable?  

Anyway, while at my OB appointment, I shared with him the symptoms I was having and that I was waiting on a call back from the gastro nurse because they told me no appointments are available until September.  He seemed taken aback by that and told me I should just go upstairs to their office and they would have to deal with me if I was in their face.  Good advice, doc!  So, I did that and walked away with samples of some med called Lialda and they said they were calling in a prescription for some kind of enema.  Well, apparently whatever they called in is not available, apparently out of stock with the supplier.  Craziness.  

So, I'm waiting to hear from my OB if Lialda is OK and waiting to hear from the gastro about what they want to do about the other med.  What a fiasco.  And, tomorrow, I have an appointment with the naturopath to find out what all she has to say about the food sensitivity testing.  I'll tell you, I'm skeptical about it all because I avoided wheat for a week and saw no improvement in my symptoms.     


  1. As a friend and a pharmacist.....Lialda is the brand name for mesalamine. It is considered a Pregnancy Category B drug which means that animal studies show no risk/adverse effects but human 1st trimester studies not available. No evidence of 2nd/3rd trimester risk. It is NOT recommended during lactation (affects production). But, of course check with your OB! Overall, it seems like a reasonable option. It works by decreasing inflammation in your colon.

  2. Having a pharmacist friend is handy! :) (I'm married to one and he is very useful). Sorry for all the frustration you are going through, hope you find answers soon!