Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Things have been good ulcerative colitis-wise since being on LDN, but my husband has had several flareups of his diverticulitis (that's what 38 years of bachelorhood and hamburgers will do to you), and recently had a gastro doc recommend an elective resection of a foot of his colon.  Um, over my dead body! That is insane.  So, I found a naturopathic doctor near us, who is both a MD and a naturopath.  We consulted with her on Saturday, and she recommended various supplements and food sensitivity testing.  So, both my husband and I will be on fish oil, vitamin D, and Culturelle (she didn't like that I was on Flora Source), and husband will also be on Vitamin A.

The food sensitivity testing will test for inflammatory responses to 100 different foods and several different food additives.  I'm excited to get those results, especially for my husband.  I have never met anyone who, never fails, after every time we eat at a restaurant, and sometimes occasionally a meal at home, will have a five minute sneezing attack.  He has got to be allergic to something, and if it's causing that much sneezing it must be causing damage on the inside.  I'm excited for myself too because I think possibly the UC, the endo, the adhesions, and the fybroid (from back in 2007) could all potentially be related.  The naturopath thought it was an interesting point because all of that stuff is in the same area.  I just hope that it doesn't come back that one or more of my favorite foods is on the "no" list.  

We had the blood drawn today for that testing, and good Lord, my arm is still hurting.  It's like my dang vein is bruised.  I asked the phlebotomist to use a butterfly needle, and she was all sassy about it and used whatever she wanted.  My husband said it was a big needle.  Well, I can sure tell.  It freaking hurts. :(

Anyway, the naturopath also suggested that I switch to a "whole food" prenatal vitamin.  I checked out what she recommended, but it would cost $50 a month.  I decided I would stick with what I'm taking and with the fish oil, I should be fully covered.  I mean, vitamins have been around for decades.  Since when does it matter if they're "whole food"?  

So, that's about all that's new with me.  I'm at 16 weeks now and will have the big ultrasound on June 28, but we're not going to find out if it's a boy or girl.  I think that's like peeking at your Christmas presents.  I like being surprised!   


  1. I was thankful they butterfly-ed me last week. Hope they can find something to help your DH. We're not finding out either.

  2. Seeing a naturopath definitely helped me with my UC! I've been in remission for such a long time and no more meds. I'm so glad that you and your dh have found some help!

  3. So glad that you have found and are seeking out some real help (not just someone who will throw pills or surgery at you!).

  4. Why is it that people want to jump to surgery so fast? I know it's necessary sometimes, but it shouldn't be the first thing. Hope you find some answers for both of you! And congrats on being 16 weeks already!!

  5. I am glad you are going to be surprised about the gender! I would do the same thing, God-willing.

    As a pharmacist, I get a little frustrated with all the different vitamin and dietary supplement options out there. It is such a fine line between a good product and a "well-marketed" product.

    16 weeks already! Hooray!!