Saturday, March 3, 2012


Lord help me!  I cannot sleep!  All this week, I have tossed and turned every night.  Yesterday, I was so tired from not sleeping that I took two naps during the day and cancelled plans that my husband and I had to go see a jazz saxophonist last night.  

And, I find myself agitated during the day and easily weepy.  I don't know if it is all the drama with my family, the fact that I have too much work on my plate, or the meds I started this week.  I started both LDN and Synthroid this week, so one or both of those could be doing this.  If they are, I hope those problems subside soon.  I cannot live like this.  I lie awake running things through my head over and over again, the last song that played in Zumba, what all I need to do at work and whether I should just get up and work, the meal planning that I need to do for the upcoming week, the fact that not sleeping cannot help fertility, praying hail marys over and over again for sleep.  Finally, at 3:30 this morning, I got up and made a cup of chamomile tea and read for about an hour.  I still wasn't exactly sleepy, but I went back to bed and finally fell asleep.  

I was supposed to join my bible study group via skype this morning at 6:45, but I had to just sleep in.  What am I going to do if this keeps happening next week?  I can't just sleep in and keep napping during the day, or maybe I can.  But I would rather not.  I would rather be a normal functioning human being.  

Is there a patron saint for sleep?  If so, can you please say some prayers to him or her for me? 


  1. I am thinking St. Lazarus would be a good patron saint of sleep! :) I will ask him to intercede for you. Insomnia is horrible, yuck! Are things getting any better with your family?

  2. I had some trouble sleeping with Nal.trexone, but not until I got to the full 50mg dose. Hopefully you are just getting it over with now, mine lasted about a week.

  3. Sleeping difficulties are the worst! I've woken up in the middle of the night and I couldn't stop worrying, so I ended up lying awake for about an hour -- something rare for me since I sleep like a champ.

    I find that no computer before bed and reading for a bit help me fall asleep nicely.

    I hope and pray that this is just a short phase!

  4. Insomnia is the worst!

    I give myself 15 minutes to fall asleep, if I'm not, I get up. If my brain won't turn off about work or something, I write it down; sometimes I watch TV; sometimes I read; sometimes I get on the computer. I give myself until I start to feel a little sleepy or an hour, and then try bed again. I read a long time ago that if we stay in bed, but awake with our minds going, we will condition ourselves to that and then it gets worse, so to only be in bed if you are sleeping (or of course trying to make a baby!) but not if you are having trouble sleeping. It has helped me immensely when I follow this "rule".

  5. Definitely praying, hope tonight is better for you!

  6. Oh no, insomnia is terrible! I'll definitely pray. I'd call your doc or pharmacist and ask if those meds could be causing insomnia, and what you could do about it.