Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Give Me a Break

I had my 6 week follow up at the gastro's office today, and I think they are being ridiculous.  I have felt fine for the last several weeks and am on LDN per Dr. H.  These yahoos want me to have genetic testing to see if I have Crohn's versus UC, and want me to have an x-ray where I have to drink barium so they can look at the small intestine.  Um, in my opinion, if I'm feeling fine, end of story, no need to go prodding any further.  What are they going to do differently anyway if I have Crohn's?  

They also mentioned a bunch of different meds to be taken long term, like some kind of aspirin type products, and I told them I'd rather try out the LDN for a while.  All of this just seems ridiculous and unnecessary to me.  Especially given that I haven't yet paid off what I owe for the procedures I had in January and February to diagnose this condition.  Boy, are they trying to milk my insurance plan or what?

So, I called the insurance company, thinking that genetic testing is not covered, but they said it will be covered if deemed medically necessary.  I need to decide if I am going to do it.  Do I really care?  I don't even know that the treatment for Crohn's is different than the treatment for UC.  And, I am feeling fine.  I am also thinking no thank you as to the x-ray.  I don't want to drink any more barium, and I know it will be expensive, and what would they do about what it showed anyway?  Sounds like this is all for their research.  I think I should stick with the LDN, healthy eating, and exercise.  Anybody agree or disagree?


  1. If you're feeling fine and being managed on the LDN then don't do the testing! If you were feeling sick then it would be a different story.

    Stick to your guns!

  2. I second JB! Do you follow Isaiah? She might be able to guide you some...

  3. I say go with your gut, pray and pursue whatever gives you peace. Glad you feel good on the LDN.

  4. If you're feeling good, I would only think testing is needed if it would affect treatment or outcomes.