Wednesday, March 28, 2012


The other day after Mass, we told our priest, and he was so excited and happy for us.  He has given me the Anointing of the Sick several times for my surgeries, and knows how much I have struggled with this cross.  He mentioned there was a special blessing he needed to do for me, but he had to find it.  I thought, great, and then forgot about it.  Well, this morning, I found this on the Register's web page:

I cannot wait for the language to be finalized and for this baby to receive the blessing!  How awesome is that?  I love it!


  1. That is so cool! We loved asking priests to bless Baby B. Most of them just said something on the spot, but some of them used a more formal prayer (not sure what it was), but we loved receiving the blessings! I am excited about this new rite that the Vatican just approved. Grow, baby, Grow!!!!! When is your due date?

  2. Super awesome! I am glad you found the blessing. Continuing to pray for this new little life!

  3. That is fantastic! :)

    p.s. I wrote back to your comment about the charting (not that you need it now ;-))

  4. You know what'd be cool? If I could add "Delivery of your First Baby" to the list of significant events where I got to stand by your side! :)