Saturday, July 14, 2012

Tiny bumper car

Since last Sunday, I have been feeling the baby move pretty regularly.  I know people have described that feeling a lot of different ways, but to me, it feels like there's a tiny bumper car bouncing around in there.  The feeling is amazing!  Every time it happens, I just smile and wonder whether it was a hand, or a kick.  Last night, my husband even got to feel it.  We had just gotten back from dinner and were watching some tv and having some dessert and I felt like the whole baby was over on the left side.  So, I had him place his hand there, and within a few seconds, boom!, a move strong enough that he could also feel it.  It was so cute seeing the excitement in his face.  I think it's the coolest thing that he's ever experienced, and I'm so glad that we're finally getting to experience it.  

I need to post a bump pic, but I don't have the camera with me right now.  I guess I'm still pretty small because I had a woman flabbergasted today when I told her I was due in November.  To me, I think I am pretty huge, because I know what I normally look like, but to outsiders, I seem tiny.  I guess that's good!  

We finally ordered a crib and dresser last week.  We looked around at several places, including Ta.rget, wal.mart, a fancy shop here in town, and online at PB kids, and ultimately decided to go with PB kids.  They were less expensive than the fancy shop in town, but just as nice.  And, I got an e-mail today that the items I ordered are in route and scheduled to be here by Wednesday!  Yeah!  I can't wait to see the room start to come together.

We also started our baby registry at Ta.rget, and went to a cloth diapering workshop today at a local natural parenting store and started our diaper registry there.  So, I think we're pretty much set.  Except, I'm still waiting for my doc to review my op report from my myomectomy to let me know if he's okay with me trying natural birth.  I hope so.  I would love to avoid more surgery.  Once I know what he's going to let me do, then I need to sign up for birthing classes and baby CPR.  I assigned husband the duty of figuring out the whole vaccine debate and what we're going to do about it.  

Oh, there's still the matter of picking out a name.  We have to pick out both a girl name and a boy name since we are not finding out what we're having.  I think we're set on the girl name, but we just cannot agree on the first name for a boy.  The middle name has to be Gerard, so that's easy. But, every time we start talking about the first name, he doesn't like names I like, and I don't like names he likes.  Sigh.  We'll probably be in the delivery room still undecided on a boy name.  Maybe that means we're having a girl?  I hope so!  I would love to have a girl.  They are so sweet and all the clothes are so cute!  

Well, that's about it for now.  Off for a nap and hopefully more bumper car bounces in my belly.  :)


  1. So fun to get to experience all those things, isn't it! For me the classes and registering and of course the baby moving made it all so much more real. And we went through the same thing--found a girl name right away but couldn't agree on a boy name...and you know how ours turned out!! :)

  2. I am so happy that things are moving right along for you. How exciting to be receiving the nursery items soon!

  3. The name will come! I remember picking Luke's name in Freddy's Frozen Custard ... we had a list of 4 we liked ... and we finalized HIS name outside the hospital room in the corridor. But it is perfect! You WILL find the perfect name. I promise! Hubby and I didn't always agree either. :-)
    How COOL about feeling baby move!!!!!

  4. Ahh I'm excited to feel my little bumper car too! Can't wait for my dh's reaction either!