Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Picture updates

Here are pics from over the last couple of months.  I forgot to note how many weeks each of these photos are, except for the most recent one:
The crib!

Starting to show

a little more growth
And a little more
And a little bigger!

23 weeks!


  1. Um, that pink dress is FANTASTIC on you!!!

  2. Shoot, I just remembered I forgot to look for that article...I'll try to remember this afternoon.

  3. You are beautiful! Love the one with your pup looking at your belly like "what's going on in there?"

  4. Haha love the one with your dog! Great to see the bump, can't wait for mine to pop more!

  5. Umm...you are so stinking cute, I can't take it! :) Just kidding, I love seeing people's baby bumps! Grow, baby, Grow!! And yeah, the pink dress is awesome!

  6. You are so cute! You look amazing!
    And I LOVE the crib! :-) Keep the pics coming!!!

  7. I have been so busy with school lately I haven't had a chance to check on that growing belly! Love these pictures! (Especially the one with the dog. ;-))