Wednesday, October 5, 2011


My husband called me yesterday afternoon and asked me if I want to go to Las Vegas next week.  He found out last minute that he is going to a conference there, and he didn't want to go alone.  So, I'm booked to fly out to Vegas on Sunday.  I'm not sure how I feel about it.  Honestly, it doesn't sound exciting to me.  I don't like to gamble unless it is with someone else's money.  I am pretty sure we will see a lot of things we would rather not see.  And, I am not sure what else you could do in Vegas besides hang out in casinos.  Has anyone ever been and have any ideas for other things we could see and do, besides Hoover Dam?  


  1. How exciting! I've only been in the LV airport, flying through (and gambled in the airport - they have slot machines EVERYWHERE!!!).
    No suggestions for things to do, but have FUN!!! :)

  2. I've heard Vegas is awesome (I've only driven through - literally.) There is SO much more to do than gamble - tons and tons of shows to see, one of hotels has an indoor amusement park...have fun!!!!

  3. I've been to Vegas once. Never hit the casinos, but there were plenty of other fun things that we did. Get tickets for a show, visit M & M world, we went to the Hoover Dam which was cool, there are fabulous restaurants, the fountain show at the Bellagio, etc. (Perfect Power in Weakness)

  4. I saw the Blue Man Group the last time I was in was a great show! Vegas isn't my favorite place to visit either, but enjoy your time away with your husband. My gambling limit is typically about 20 that lasts about 30 seconds!

  5. I've been there a few times, and have to admit the first time we were pretty freaked out by all we saw. Pretty much every vice is at hand to participate in. But, that being said, there is a lot to do without gambling. Depending on where you are staying the pools are spectacular. Some of the spas are as well. Getting pampered with a massage or a facial is always pleasant.

    There's a bunh of free things to do as well. My favorite by far is visiting the Bellagio's atrium. They change it seasonally and always have a beautiful display of flowers. Ant their lobby is worth seing with the Chilluliy glass ceiling. And don't forget the fountains in the evening - awesome!

    If you'd like more info, let me know. I can point you towards a number of interesting spots.