Friday, October 21, 2011

Gaw-lee! (southern talk there)

Geese Louise.  I just heard back from PPVI that my p+7 progesterone was 74.2! (estrogen was 12.1).  So, the hormones are clearly making their way into my system.  Now we just need to make a pregnancy happen here people!  I have not gotten a full opinion back from Dr. H for this cycle because he has been too busy (according to his office), but his initial advice was to continue the same meds.  Next cycle, he might move the clomid to days 3-5, instead of days 5-7.  I'm day 6 today.  

Oh, we finally did what we had to do to get the sample over the lab for the SA.  We both just hate that process.  Ugh.  Anyway, I'm glad it's over and we'll see what it says.  I told my husband that if the results are better than last time, that will give us hope.  If there is not one single living swimmer, we'll just give up and go buy ferraris.  


  1. Holy cow! Your Progesterone is amazing! I'm jealous. :)
    I hate it sometimes that although we're at THE best place for IF, I feel "brushed off", or something, when the same protocol is used all the time. I don't know why I expect this crazy miracle drug concoction from the doctor. Its too bad that you don't have a full consult yet. So very frustrating.
    I hope your hubby's SA results are good - and have improved since last time. I don't want a Ferrari in your future!!! :)

  2. Holy Progesterone! That's great! I hope you get a report that's just as good for your husband! :)

  3. What amazing progesterone levels! Wow! That's great- hoping and praying the same for your husband's tests!

  4. Wow! I pray that your body is gearing up for a pregnancy very soon! Don't go "fixin" to buy any ferraris just yet...more southern talk for you!