Thursday, May 16, 2013

What Not To Do

Husband's 45th birthday was yesterday, so I stupidly decided to throw him a birthday party at our house with all of his family.  Yeah, dumb move.  Even dumber, I decided to clean the house beforehand.  With 40 something unruly nieces and nephews in the house, it looks like a bomb went off over here, and I'm find a sticky layer of syrupy nastiness over everything.  Sigh.  And tonight I'm hosting husband's sister and family from out of town for dinner.  So here goes the cleaning process all over again.  Here is my promise to myself: never again until we have a large yard with a barn out back where we can host parties and then just hose it down. 


  1. Oh my! Happy belated Birthday to your DH!!!

  2. Found you while googling about PPVI & mucuna pruriens. I'm looking to buy some at their recommendation too, and just want to be sure I'm getting the right stuff... seems like extract pills are more expensive but the Institute simply recommended the powder. Does this look right to you?

    1. They never recommended any particular brand or whether pills or powder. So I just bought pills from My husband complained all the time about the proxeed powder, so I doubt I could have gotten him to take powdered mucuna pruriens.