Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Walking Tired

The Walking Tired.  Yep, that's me.  (borrowed that cute little phrase from my bff who came up with it this morning as we were texting about how horribly our babies are sleeping at night.)  Henry has been up hourly after midnight for the last two days and it is driving me insane.  I have googled it and apparently it could be a 4 month growth spurt.  I hope it passes quickly.  It is insanely tiring.  Would make for good torture of your worst enemy.  Husband and I have been taking shifts since 12 weeks, where from 8-1 he will be "on call" and I can sleep, and the rest of the night, it's my turn.  Husband came to bed at 12:15 last night and said he had just put Henry back down.  I figure he'd be good until at least 3.  Nope!  At 1:15 he was up.  So, I nursed him until 2 and put him back down, and that stinker was up at 2:50!  I tried rocking him and then husband gets up because of all the crying and I let him hold him for a while, and then he hands him back to me and says that I "can" bring him to bed (like I need the permission) and he can just put earplugs in.  I was like, "I wish I could do that."  So, from then until 6:30 in the morning, I laid in bed with Henry draped across me, nursing and snoozing, while I tried to sleep.  Needless to say, not much sleeping was done.  

But, big advancement today!  Henry rolled over!  And I wasn't looking.  :(  I put him down on his tummy and was typing a text message and looked up and he was on his back!  But, I grabbed the iphone and waited a bit more, and he did it again.  So proud of him.   Now if he could just be a good boy and do some sleeping!  :)



  1. Oh, he is so cute! And I love how when they roll over they get this surprised look - like "woah what did I just do". :) Thanks for sharing...

    Oh, sleep deprivation...I am so sorry. That really sucks (let's just keep it honest, you know.) I don't have any advice, but will pray that it gets better soon. And yeah, my DH wears ear plugs at night nice that he can enjoy an non-interrupted sleep! :) But I get that he has to go to work and I don't and if I want to take a nap with her later in the day, I can. But when I was still working we definitely had some "words" about sharing the nighttime wake-ups given that both of us needed to get up for work. I hope it gets better soon for you guys!

  2. Have you looked into Happiest Baby on the Block? Our Henry (he turns 6 months next Tuesday) slept through the night swaddled from 7 weeks and we would use the Happiest Baby technique to get him to sleep and then he would stay asleep.

    Wishing you luck on getting your Henry to sleep. And congratulations to him on rolling over! He's darling!

    1. Forgot to add, our Henry grew out of the swaddle (and chose when he was done) and still sleeps through 99% of the time. The other S's in the Happiest Baby technique do still help him sometimes. Hope this helps a little.

    2. Yes, we swaddle and use white noise. He was doing pretty good with that, sleeping a 5 hour stretch in the first part of the night, and then up every 3 hours, but now the little stinker is up every hour after that initial 5 hour stretch.

  3. That is definitely a torture treatment having a baby get up every hour!!! The newborn stage wasn't fun (sleep wise only), and it has to be frustrating that you're still in that a little.
    Congrats on H rolling over!!! I swear he was just a newborn a few weeks ago ... :-D

  4. Sleep deprevation is the worst. I use to pretend I didn't hear the baby cry in the middle of the night so my hubby could get her. It worked for a few weeks until he told me he can't do it anymore :). Operating without sleep is like waking around with a vail. I hope it gets better.

  5. You are almost out of this stage! I promise! It seems to get better somewhere in the 5 months....I don't swaddle or do a white noise with the 2nd kid. I think you are learning all the good stuff right now! Just think the 2nd baby you will be a pro! :) Let's just say everyone sleeps in this house, not an option! LOL

    Your comment cracked me up....Dying laughing over here! Doubled over! I have been known to say the same thing! :)