Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Growing like a weed

Henry turned 2 weeks yesterday, and had already surpassed his birth weight by 4 oz, and grew half an inch. Oh my!  Before I know it, he will be a full grown kid!  

I guess the boobies are doing their job.  :)  It's definitely difficult, though, being on call 24/7.  I read really good breastfeeding books before he was born, and I know the first 40 days are hard, and after that, is the reward period.  I have to just keep reminding myself of that.  Aside from being up about every 2 hours during the night, my main issue is I want to be able to transition off of the nipple shield that I have been using due to inverted nipples, and he is having a hard time with it.  He latches right away with the shield, without me having to struggle with positions or anything like that.  I met with the lactation consultant yesterday, and we worked for about an hour with him, and he can, with a lot of prodding, and me constantly holding the boob in a "sandwich", get a latch on the real thing, but keeps popping off after a few swallows.  

I tried what she showed me at home, and it just ended in frustration for both of us, so back on with the shield.  Maybe he will get better at taking the real thing when he is a little bigger.  For now, I am not going to push the issue more than once a day, or I will spend the afternoon in tears like I did yesterday. At least I can rest assured in knowing he is definitely getting enough with the shield, so it is not a big deal to keep using it.  I would just like to be free of having to search for it in the middle of the night, reattach it when he accidentally knocks it off, or carry it with me whenever we go anywhere.   

Cloth diapering is finally in full swing and is going well.  We have been using cotton prefolds so far, but I think I will see if his b.um.gen.ius aios fit when he wakes up from this nap he's taking.  We have found that he has inherited my dairy issues.  I indulged the other night and had a chicken quesadilla, which was super duper cheesy.  Two hours later, the poor baby had an allergy ring diaper rash.  Luckily, we had his pediatrician appointment the next day, and he confirmed it was a food sensitivity and to discontinue dairy.  He also said to use a diaper cream with zinc oxide (which is a big no-no for cloth diapers), and we have been doing that with each diaper change, making sure to put a liner in the diaper to keep that stuff off the diapers.  The rash seems to be fading, so I am glad for that and hope to never let that happen again.  

Oh, I hear him stirring.  So, I better go.  Hope you all are having a great week!


  1. Coconut oil is fabulous for rashes, and it is cloth-diaper safe, if you don't want to mess with the liners.

  2. Sounds like you are doing awesome in spite of the difficulties! I have heard the same about coconut oil though I've not tried it myself.

  3. You are doing great!

    Airing out his bum will work wonders too. Sometimes we let our NICU babies go diaperless and its amazing how fast it works.

  4. We have bumgenius diapers and LOVE them! The same company also makes Flip diapers which are for travel and have flushable inserts! We got some of those for Christmas and can't wait to try them.