Saturday, May 12, 2012


Ok, ladies, I'm hoping one of you who have either had a baby or are pregnant have had experience with this and can put my mind at ease.  I hate this happened on a Saturday.  I noticed a blob (a little over a teaspoon) of brown milky mucus this morning.  I talked to the OB on call, and all he did was check off whether we had heard the heartbeat, when was the last time we had relations (um, since before I found out I was pregnant because I've been too scared and/or nauseous to have any such relations), and is there any burning or itching (no).  So, after ruling all that out, all he could say was that mucus production is increased during pregnancy.  Ok, thank you very much, but I thought, if it's normal, why I am not finding it in any of these pregnancy books.  Have any of you ever experienced this?  It is freaking me out, especially given that I was just told yesterday that my progesterone took a "nose dive."  


  1. I read somewhere on one of these blogs that brown spotting is "old" blood and not to worry, but that red was "new" blood and something to be more concerned about.

    I know you'll get better information than this! Sending lots of prayers your way!!!!

  2. I had tons...I mean tons of discharge throughout the whole pregnancy. Mostly it was creamy, yellow, or milky, but sometimes it would be more blobby like. And sometimes the yellow would look sort of light-brownish, I guess.

    Try to rest this weekend and make sure you're drinking plenty of water. Can you call your OB Monday and go in for a heartbeat check just to ease your fears? Mine let me come right back in after my progesterone dive, even though I had just seen the OB. I just said I was worried and wanted to make sure everything was ok because I knew stress and worry weren't good for the baby. They were totally cool about it.

  3. If I wasn't pregnant, I would think I was having fertile mucus... ALL THE TIME! It's better than when I was ever TTC! Mine is more white, yellow, creamy-ish. Aren't you glad that you now know that about my mucus? Hehe. Seriously, though, I have a ton! It's called 'leukorrhea'.

    I agree with PPIW... call and go in for an additional heartbeat check to put your fears at ease. I had horrible pain this past Monday. I had gone to the gym and just over did it and was having normal ligament pain. It hurt SO BAD that I called the on call doctor around 11pm Monday night. I was in complete freak out mode. They had me in the office first thing Tuesday morning just so I could hear the heart beat so I wouldn't be so anxious. I felt nauseous I was so worried I had done something to hurt the baby! They were the ones who suggested I come in too... even though I had an appointment on Wednesday -- they said that it would do no one any good to have to wait and worry 2 days. So give them a ring. In the meantime... I will be praying for all of you!!! Grow baby grow!

  4. Yeah, increased discharge is normal. Had you had an OB appointment prior? Sometimes if they do an exam it can cause a little bit of that. They didn't warn me ahead of time and it FREAKED ME OUT when it happened but it turned out to be nothing. I don't think it's anything to worry about but I agree with the other girls, it doesn't hurt a darn thing to go listen to the heartbeat and just ask the doc to be sure.