Saturday, February 11, 2012

Quick Updates

I hope everyone is having a great weekend.  We are finally having our first sunny day in a looooong time, and it is finally cold!  It was 12 this morning.  Yeah!  And, snow is expected to roll in late Sunday night.  I am so excited!  I can hardly wait.  Everyone else around here thinks I'm crazy, but I just tell them I've been ripped off all winter long because it has been so mild.  

The menu planning website that I have been using has been awesome.  I love being able to tailor the menu to my health needs and to pick and choose the recipes that go in it.  The shopping list that prints out is so helpful.  The recipes are really good.  There are a few that have come up that I have removed from the plan because they did not seem appetizing, either too foreign-y or just too vegetarian for my liking.  But, all in all, it has been well worth it.  I look forward to Saturday mornings when I generate the new menu plan and then do all my grocery shopping for the week.  I'm so proud of myself seeing all that healthy food in the cart and knowing I am going to use it all.  

I have been treating myself on the weekends and not cooking on Saturday.  We eat out, and I allow myself to have things that I'm not really supposed to have.  Hey, I mean, I only live once, and I may never have a baby, so I don't think three bites of cake are going to make that big of a difference, and it gives me a little joy.  So, take that, anti-inflammatory diet!  Tonight we're going to dinner and a movie, and I think I will get myself the ju.nior mints I have loved since I was a kid.  :)

Zumba classes have been great.  I am going three days a week and walking 30 minutes on a treadmill twice a week.  I did e-mail the gym to see if  they would have a real yoga class at a decent hour, and they replied that they would see if anyone was interested in teaching one.  I hope so.  It would be nice to have a relaxing yoga class a couple of times a week.  

We are avoiding TTC for a few weeks based on the advice of the GI doctor.  It is so weird to be trying to do the opposite of what I have been doing for 4 years!  We have not been very good at avoiding, though.  There will be I's where I know I should not have them, but oh well!  Maybe this could be the miracle month.  I doubt it, though.  This cycle and last, I have had light spotting for a few days after peak.  I need to ask Dr. H what he thinks is going on.  I am so ready to have this dysfunctional body cured.  Here's an idea that just came to me: you can get an MRI and it will tell you all kinds of things that might be wrong with you.  I wish there was such a machine for IF.  You go in, get scanned, and ta-dah!  A nice little report comes out with all the right answers.  If only!  I guess you can tell that I am weary of all the trial and error with the medications, and the monthly blood draws, and the charting.  I know it is all for a good purpose, and that it does work, but man am I tired.  

I was at the church earlier today waiting in line for confession, and the baptismal candle was just sitting there right in front of me.  I found myself wondering how many babies had been baptized so far this year, how many times the candle had been lit, how many happy families had gathered around that candle.  And I pleaded with God to let this be the year that we would be bringing our own little baby to that font and that it would be our family gathering around that candle.  I could just feel myself holding our baby and smelling his or her sweet head after being marked with that wonderful smelling oil.  Oh, if only it could be this year!  How happy we would be.  That church will have never have seen such a crowd for a baptism!  That will be the biggest party this family has seen in years.  Lord, please let it be so.  Please let this be the year.  


  1. If cake is your high priority, you're my kind of girl! Is sounds like you're having fun, especially with the "I"s. Bravo!

  2. I hear ya on the tired, I really am too. An IF diagnostic machine...that'd be miraculous!

  3. I would pay just about anything for an IF diagnostic machine!

    I think cheating on your diet is necessary. Sometimes we just need to feel in control of one aspect of the crazy IF journey.

    I pray that this is the year for both of us!

  4. We've got to find a mad scientist to make this machine! You'd be a millionaire for thinking it up! :-)
    I'm excited to hear that you love the meal website! I've been waiting to see what you thought before signing up and I'm glad that the recipes are good. Don't worry about the cheating on the diet. A little cheating isn't going to hurt. :-)
    I pray that you have a baby this year!!!

  5. I agree, that machine sounds GREAT! The guesswork of IF is so, so frustrating.

    The meal website sounds awesome!! I forget whether or not you mentioned this they charge a fee?

  6. I'll chip in for the IF diagnostic machine!!!

    I think a little cheating is necessary - whether it's on the diet or on the chart ;).

    I just got home from the grocery store with a ton of healthy food, my bank account is hurting a lot, but I know it will be worth every penny.