Saturday, September 22, 2012

Can't Sleep

I can't sleep because we can't agree on a boy name and the baby will be here in 8 weeks!  I have been lying awake for an hour and finally decided to just get up.  I was running names through my head and praying to go to sleep and be delivered a message that of what our baby's name should be if it's a boy.  Instead, I have continued to just lay there agonizing over it.  I really hope this baby is a girl or we are really going to have problems.  I have offered 5 or 6 very good suggestions.  Good, solid, strong boy's names, and my husband just rejects each of them with no reason.  He suggests ridiculous sounding names, and I give reasons why I don't like them.  For instance, Hunter.  Um, babe, I don't think you should name a child after something you do.  I wouldn't name a girl Baker or Knitter.  Plus, Hunter is not a saint's name.  And, I have a half brother whose name is Hunter.  Roman.  Really?  Sounds like a frat boy name.  

Y'all, what are we going to do if we have a boy?  The middle name is set: Gerard.  No questions about that.  But, the first name thing is a battle.  Maybe I will just have to hi-jack the birth certificate when he's off getting a shower while I'm recovering in the hospital and I will just unilaterally name the baby!  

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  1. Boys names are SUPER hard! We had way more girl names than boy names. All I can say is "Good Luck!" We had quite the negotiation coming up with Luke's name ... and even then, we were outside the hospital room trying to figure out if he would be Luke or Collin or Connor. Yup.
    When you see him, you will know ... so just narrow it down to two. :-)