Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I could use a glass of wine

But, of course, I'm not going to have one!  But, I really could use it.  By the way, the gestational diabetes test is over with, so I just went ahead and did it.  But, I was crying through the whole thing because of how my doctor reacted to my desires for certain things to happen in my c-section.  I had scheduled in advance a longer appointment, so he knew I was coming to talk about the c-section.  He was almost antagonistic, though, when it came down to my requests.  He at first refused to read a medical journal article I brought in that explained the "family-centered" c-section (which includes things like not strapping down the mother's arms, not giving her so much medication that her arms are heavy, placing the baby immediately across the mom's chest with a blanket over the two of them instead of taking the baby across the room to a warm table), but eventually toward the end of the meeting folded the article and put it in his pocket.  I just felt like I was having to fight with him, and that put me in a very emotional mood as soon as I walked out of his office.  I did not expect him to be so prideful and "know it all" and dismissive.  Maybe after he has time to think about it all, he will lighten up and come around, but right now, I'm still crying (thanks, hormones) and thinking maybe I should switch doctors.  

I mean, there were other things I wanted to discuss with him and had articles I brought, but I sure didn't bring those up yet.  I wanted to talk about adhesion prevention and give him copies of Dr. H's article and another article I found that specifically talked about adhesion prevention in c-section.  I did ask about sep.rafi.lm, and he claimed that it hasn't proven to make a difference, but that's not what I've read.  And, so what if it doesn't? Can't hurt, right?  Can he please just use it on me given that we know I'm prone to adhesions?  My husband thinks we should stick with him and just bring up one issue at each visit, but after today, I'm not so sure things will go any differently at future visits.  Lord, I just bring up the idea of placing the baby on my chest, and he goes off claiming it can't be done.  Imagine how he'll react when I ask him to close my uterus in a certain way!

I wish I knew of a way to find a new doctor that I could know in advance would have no problem with accommodating some alternative ways of how a c-section usually goes.  I wish I could just go to Omaha and have Dr. H do my c-section.  Better yet, I wish I could just have a good old fashioned home birth.  


  1. Do you have a Napro doctor in your area? If so, can you ask them who they would recommend that may be more willing to accommodate your requests? That is how I found my non-Napro OB that I love. She was actually recommended by my Napro doctor. I didn't comment on your c-section post from a week or so ago, but I wanted to let you know that I will be praying for you. I had an induction that ended with a c-section because Elizabeth got stuck as I have a narrow pelvis - who knew? Anyway, I have to say the c-section was actually the most peaceful part of the whole labor process and I have no concerns at all about having a 2nd c-section. I pray that you will have peace with the c-section and that God will grant you supernatural grace!

  2. That is so frustrating! Having a supportive doc makes a huge difference. Might be worth looking into switching.

  3. I would definitely switch. If he is acting this way now, when you still have a chance to back out as his "client," then just imagine how much worse he could get as the day gets closet. A supportive doctor is crucial to a positive birth experience. Those first few moments are so special, and they are your family's moments. Don't let anyone take those away from you.

  4. Glad you did the glucose test. Babies from moms with gest diabetes aren't just big, they also can have trouble eating well and maintaining their own blood sugar. I've taken care of kiddos like this in my NICU and its always a shame to start ivs on an otherwise healthy baby. If you do have it, treating it will only help you and especially baby in the long run.

    I know the dr frustration well. I just posted about when to switch. I love my naproxen doc but with insurance etc I am not delivering with them. The thought of changing back to the practice who wanted to shove bc pills down my throat and refused to acknowledge anything was wrong with 45 day cycles freaks me out. Praying for peace as you make your decision. You wouldn't be the first to switch. I think PPIW did too.

    1. *naproxen is supposed to be napro, oops!

  5. Oh that is so hard. Praying that he opens his mind to new methods or that you find a good doctor who is more flexible.

  6. I hope you can find a new doctor. I think it's okay to have one glass of wine. It's too much alcohol that's a problem. I'm going to duck again.