Monday, April 30, 2012

First OB Appointment

I had my first OB appointment today.  Finally!  It felt like the last few weeks have gone by soooooo slow!  Everything at the appointment went well.  I was so nervous, though, when the nurse was using the doppler to find the heartbeat.  I was praying so many Hail Mary's and hoping so hard.  Phew!  After about 30 seconds, she declared that she had found it, and we got to hear it.  The sound of that little heart beating was so amazing!  And, the doctor pulled a little ultrasound machine in there and we got to have another look today.  The baby has definitely grown, and I swear, I saw the baby waving his/her arm up and down at us.  

My husband took some pictures and video with his cell phone.  When he gets home, I'll see if I can figure out how to put them on this blog so you can see.  

My doctor did not quite "get" the reason why I'm on progesterone injections and he felt like I didn't need them, but I gave him a copy of the progesterone information printout from PPVI and told him we're continuing to do them until Dr. H tells us to stop.  

The bloodwork part of the appointment was not fun.  The tech tried my right arm first, and kept pushing the needle further and further, killing me.  Finally, she took it out and went to the left arm, but they had to take so many freaking vials.  I was so sweaty by the time it was all over with.  I'm so glad that part is over!

Next appointment will be in 4 weeks.  I still can't believe all of this is going so well.  I am so grateful and blown away.  Thank you, Jesus!  Thank you, St. Gerard!  Thank you, Mary!  And thank you, everyone who has prayed for us!


  1. Yay! So glad to hear the appointment went well. How far along are you now? So cool Baby waved at Mommy and Daddy.

    My non-Napro OB never understood why I was on progesterone shots the whole pregnancy. My Napro Dr. offered to talk with her, but finally she stopped asking me if I was on them after the 1st few appointments and I stopped telling her I was on them, even though I continued until 37 weeks:-) We practiced the "don't ask, don't tell" method!

  2. So awesome that everything looks and sounds great! Wonderful news!

  3. So glad all went well!!! Praise God!!!

  4. I'm so glad your appt went well and everything is going good!!! Continued prayers for you!
    Looking forward to seeing pics!!

  5. Glad all is well! Keep growing, baby!!!!

  6. How exciting to hear that sweet little heartbeat!!

  7. So good to hear the heartbeat and get to see the little one too! I know if we are ever able to conceive again I'll be a basket case until that point . We were blessed to see a heart beat, but lost ours before we could hear his. Praying for baby's continued growth!